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Three Castles Burning

Jan 24, 2022

A red flag over the Rotunda, and a manifesto which demanded employment. The 1922 protest of the unemployed led by World War One veteran and writer Liam O'Flaherty grabbed plenty of headlines in Ireland and internationally. A century on, this is the story of what some called 'The Rotunda Soviet'.

Jan 16, 2022

It is sixty years since the arrival of Irish television. De Valera launched the station into the world, telling viewers that "I must admit that sometimes when I think of television and radio and their immense power I feel somewhat afraid." What did television mean for Dublin?

Jan 8, 2022

January is a time for thinking about mental health. Few names are as important in that story in an Irish context as Jonathan Swift, the founder of Saint Patrick's Hospital. Swift transformed the area around his Cathedral, ensuring work and dignity for the people of the Liberties, but the hospital remains the...