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Three Castles Burning

May 27, 2022

Sarah Cecilia Harrison (1863–1941) lived many lives in one. A Suffragist, a social campaigner, a nationalist and an artist, she was closely aligned with Hugh Lane in the battle for a modern art gallery in London. The first female member of Dublin Corporation, she is the subject of a new study. Editor Margarita Cappock...

May 16, 2022

Joseph Brady is a geographer with a special interest in the changing landscape of the city and county of Dublin. A discussion on Dublin since the 1970s brings us through things like smog, the stinking Liffey, the quays and the changing docklands. Some change was good, some wasn't, and some remains on the table.


May 2, 2022

Thomas Kinsella from The Ranch was one of Ireland's great poets, but Dublin - and working class Dublin especially - was at the very heart of his work. This podcast explores what we might call Thomas Kinsella's Dublin, from his home on the border of Inchicore and Ballyfermot to Wood Quay.