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Three Castles Burning

Jul 30, 2021

Through history, many changes to Dublin have been proposed and never realised. These included concreting over the canals, an art gallery on the Liffey and, perhaps most famously, a Temple Bar bus station. This podcast explores the Dublin that could have been.

Jul 23, 2021

How many eager Dubliners can you fit into Dalymount Park? On 5 February 1985, more than forty thousand of us somehow squeezed in to watch Ireland take on the Azzurri. At a time when Ireland was mad for Italian football - in no small part thanks to a Whitehall boy - the game could have resulted in tragedy.

Jul 16, 2021

The end of the War of Independence in Dublin was a strange thing: Even on the very day a truce was being negotiated, the IRA was planning a spectacular. But were they capable of doing it? Who was Margaret Keogh, the Cumann na mBan activist killed at the very end of the conflict? And what was different about Dublin in...

Jul 8, 2021

Christopher Robson took more than two thousand images of Pride and gay rights activism in Dublin from 1992 onwards, some of which are now on display in the National Photographic Archive. They capture iconic Dublin faces like Thom McGinty - the Diceman - and a city in a time of transition and change. 

Jul 1, 2021

Few writers are as fondly remembered in Dublin as Con Houlihan. Even in his own lifetime, a series of testimonials were erected to him in public houses he frequented. On paper a sportswriter, Con was something much broader. His story touches on things as diverse as the Evening Press, Saint Patrick's Athletic, Welsh...