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Three Castles Burning

Jun 26, 2022

 In Temple Bar, a plaque honours the Hirschfeld Centre. At Bow Lane East, an aging sign is all that remains of Incognito, a gay sauna that made it to the front of the international press in the early 1990s for all of the wrong reasons. Then there's Dublin Castle, a site of joy and scandal. These are just some of the...

Jun 15, 2022

In June 1962, Sylvia Beach was in the last months of her life. She unveiled a tower in Sandycove as a museum to James Joyce. Without her, would the world have known the significance of that place? Her little Parisian bookshop will forever be bound to Dublin.

Jun 7, 2022

Last week, a series of commemorative brass plaques were unveiled on Dublin 8's Donore Avenue in honour of six victims of the Holocaust with connections to Dublin. These memorial stones are part of a truly global project honouring the victims of the Holocaust, but marked the first on Irish soil. This edition of...