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Three Castles Burning

Feb 28, 2023

This episode of the podcast explores some of the most peculiar films shot in Dublin over many decades. From Fu Manchu to the Bogside, we're looking at times directors turned Dublin into somewhere else.

Feb 19, 2023

(Reupload, apologies due to podcast hosting gremlins!)

Part II of the Brendan Behan centenary special, this journey brings us through some surprising places. From Littlewood's London to strange times in North America, this is the story of the fame and fall of Brendan Behan.

Feb 7, 2023

This week marks the centenary of the birth of Brendan Behan. Over two editions, Three Castles Burning will explore the life and times of this remarkable talent. In the first part, we look at Behan's revolutionary days and the impact of Borstal on him.

Feb 2, 2023

Musician Joe Chester has produced a beautiful musical tribute to Lucia Joyce, the dancer and illustrator. Daughter of James Joyce, Lucia was born in Trieste in 1907. She would spend more than four decades of her life in institutions after being diagnosed as schizophrenic in the mid-1930s. 'Lucia' by Joe Chester is his...